Best Baby thermometer review

baby thermometer review

One of the reliable ways to determine whether your child is sick is by taking the temperature using the best baby thermometer.

The baby thermometer is one of the essential item mom must have.

There are many thermometers available in the market, so it is a challenge to most moms to know the best thermometer for your child.

Best baby thermometer review

Rectal thermometer

A rectal thermometer is a most accurate thermometer to take the baby thermometer. Mostly to newborn to three months

Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal thermometer

The thermometer will take the baby temperature under 8 seconds.


The handle is thick and has a flexible tip that prevents from over inserting the thermometer in the baby rectum.

Ease of use

Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal thermometer is one of the easiest thermometers to use it has one button which you use to put on and off.

Extra Features

The thermometer features backlit screen which allows taking the temperature in the dark,

It has a battery indicator and warnings when the temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

It stores the last reading so when you switch on it displays final period for a short time.

A long beep will sound when the readings are finished. A backlight will turn on, and the small icon next to reading will remind to clean the thermometer.

It comes with a lid to ensure the probe remain clean throughout so no more worry of hygiene.

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

The thermometer has a small probe which prevents over inserting the thermometer in the baby rectum.

Features large backlit LCD and beep signal will sound when reading is done.

Best ear thermometer

One of the tricky ways to take the baby temperature is using the ear thermometer. Reason being if you don’t position the thermometer correctly you will end up with wrong results.

Also if the baby ear has a lot of wax, you will get inaccurate readings or spread infection to other year or another baby

But Braun Ear Thermometer has proven above downside wrong by manufacturing the ear thermometer that has unique positioning features.

The thermometer uses light and beep to confirm you have positioned it the right ways.

It comes with lens filter which protects the tip from impurities such as wax which prevent spreading germs from one baby to another.

Also, the lens filter prevents the tips from getting damaged or scratches.

Best behind ear thermometer

Some babies don’t like to be taken the temperature in the ear so you can take the temperature behind the ear.

Behind the ear, thermometers are easy to use you just place behind the baby ear turn on thermometer and take the temperature within few seconds

Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer is one of the best behind ear thermometer.

It stores the last eight measurements.

Features large LCD that makes easy to read the results.

Vicks Behind Ear thermometer has a color-coded screen which helps you know the status of your baby quickly. If green no fever, red signal fever, yellow the temperature is slightly elevated

Best forehead thermometer

Medical Dr. Madre non-contact infrared thermometer

This thermometer has a New 2017 Model which is a talking thermometer. It can talk in English and Spanish. It is an added advantage for a mom who has an eyesight problem.

The thermometer not only takes the baby temperature it’s useful in taking baby’s room temperature.

It can take temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius

Medical Dr. Madre is easy to operate. It can be set in silent mode which helps take the baby when asleep without making noise. Also, has a completion alert sound.

Best multi-use thermometer

These are the type of thermometer you can use to take the temperature in three ways including orally, Rectal and Axillary.

Note the thermometer can spread infection quickly if not used the right way.

Don’t use the thermometer to take the temperature rectally and the same time use the same thermometer to take orally?

The Best multi-use thermometer in the market is Enji Medical Thermometer for Oral, Rectal, and Axillary